Stay connected with the people you care about—even if they live far away.✌

Have personal conversations with friends and family on your own time through quick and convenient video messages.📹

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Banter lets you connect more personally than you can with any other app.

When did friendships become more about sharing photos and links with each other, instead of talking with one another?

Banter is the only app that lets you focus on having conversations and shared experiences with your friends.

This is a space for your close friends and family.

This is not social media. There are no ads or brands here. It's just you and the people you're close to.

You'll be amazed at how great it is to see their faces and hear their voices—no more reading text on a screen.

Using the app is easy.

Think of Banter as video chatting, but without the hassle of setting up a time when you and your friends are all free.

With just a few taps you and your friends will be sending each other video messages in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The videos shared through Banter are intended to be more casual and conversation-based. Instead of being about the highlights and experiences in your life, they let you share an inner look into your normal, daily life. This lets you cultivate a stronger relationship with the people you care about.
Your trust and privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We store your videos safely and securely in state-of-the-art servers, and they are encrypted using HTTPS while in transit. There are no ads in the app, and we will never sell your data to third parties.
Yes, you can download and use Banter for free! In the future, we plan on keeping the basic features free and introducing a premium subscription that will unlock additional features.

If you want to cultivate better relationships with your friends and family, download Banter for free now.

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